Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, and Independent Living Organizations all need very different emergency call and nurse call systems that meet the needs of their residents and staff. At TotalKare, we specialize in helping you select, install, and maintain a system that meets your specific requirements. VisionLink, Arial, and Carepoint represent the best the industry has to offer to enable you to provide the best quality of care for your residents.

VisionPro by Systems Technologies
Complete wireless solution
Various resident pendants to meet many needs
Mobile application allowing better staff flow

VisionPro uses an industrial computer with solid state hard drive and 900 MHz spread spectrum wireless technology to link your staff to on-site or off-site security personnel. Start with our unique personal pendant transmitters, which automatically send an alarm that includes the patient’s name and location if the wearer falls down or leaves through a monitored exit. Escalate alarms through pocket pagers, cell phones, two-way radios, iPads – even the 911 center. Add emergency mass notification and flush or surface mount emergency stations where needed. 

Arial Wireless Emergency Call
UL1069 Nurse Call integration
Small and discreet bracelet
All events recorded in an industry-standard SQL database

STANLEY Healthcare’s Arial Events Management, Notification and Reporting Platform provides powerful information about your community to help keep residents safe and secure, and provide high-quality care.

In addition to its robust Emergency Call functionality, the platform also offers built-in Wander Management capabilities, which provides residents who are prone to wandering with an increased level of independence. Its powerful management dashboards, web-based reports, and convenient mobile app enable caregivers and administrators to measure and improve performance on an ongoing basis.



CarePoint Safety System
Auto-alert pendants for fall detection
Maximize staff accountablity
Customizable to meet facility needs

As the only senior living solution that goes beyond standard help buttons to include the most widely adopted fall-detection technology of AutoAlert, CarePoint offers added peace of mind for your residents and their families. Designed for flexibility and reliability, the CarePoint system allows you to design a custom solution tailored to your organization’s needs. Options include records management, controlled access, wander management and smoke detection alerts and more. As your community changes or grows the CarePoint system can easily be modified to accommodate your evolving needs.



After the completion of the installation, our team of highly skilled sales professionals step in to provide the nursing staff and facility designated trainers with the tools they need to use, maintain and train future staff on the features and benefits of the system. Ideally, training sessions are scheduled to coincide with shift changes at the facility in order to capture the greatest possible audience and maximize the training experience for all available staff.


TotalKare is able to provide, by request, refresher and/or comprehensive training provided by the manufacturers themselves to enable facilities to utilize their systems to their greatest potential. Comprehensive training will cover all shifts and staff will be trained on all features of the system and best practices.

In addition to on-site training, material is available online or via WebEx sessions with the manufacturer.  Please contact TotalKare to discuss your facility’s training needs.

Extended Service Contract Plans

  • Priority Service Call Handling
  • 8 am – 5 pm Remote Support
  • Annual System Health Check
  • Software Maintenance Agreement
  • Priority Service Call Handling
  • 24 / 7  Remote Support
  • Annual System Health Check
  • Software Maintenance Agreement
  • Replacement Components
  • Discounted Rates for Onsite Service
  • Priority Service Call Handling
  • 24 / 7  Remote Support
  • Annual System Health Check
  • Software Maintenance Agreement
  • Replacement Components
  • Covers All Labor and Travel
  • Discounted Consumable Pricing
  • Server Replacement After 6 Consecutive Years

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